Wear a helmet that’s approved for high speed sports. These include ANSI, Snell, and DOT motorcycle and ski helmets. We recommend a full face helmet, such as a hockey helmet (HECC approved) or a helmet used by the United States Bobsled and Skeleton Federation


Wear stiff, rugged snow boots, snowboard boots or ski boots. Your feet are your brakes. On gentle slopes, always allow yourself enough safety room to steer uphill to stop, or drag your feet to slowly stop. On more aggressive slopes, you must wear sled brakes. Surprise!...that’s why we make them.


Every sled comes with a safety leash. Not for your safety, but for the safety of others on the hill below. You must wear it every run. Just clip it onto your leg. Plus, the leash will save you from having to chase down the hill after a runaway sled. By unclipping the leash after your ride, you can use it as a tow rope by clipping it underneath the steering yoke, and pulling with your hand. However, never sled with the leash attached at the front.


You should never sled alone. You should never sled where you might accidentally run into a tree, a pole, a car, or anything else that would cause you to scream, bleed, or race to the emergency room. We prefer our customers in one piece. Consequently, you must start your sledding with slow, cautious, test runs to gauge the slope, conditions, and learn how the sled performs. Depending on the weather, snow surface, or how hard you partied the night before, your “usual” hill could be vastly differently from the last time you were there. At Captain Avalanche Industries, we always walk our run before we sled it.


If all the previous warnings haven’t made you question your desire to buy or ride our sled, here’s one, final caveat:

You’re on your own.


In exchange for riding the most agile sled ever built, YOU RELEASE AND HOLD HARMLESS Captain Avalanche Industries of all claims and liabilities arising out of its use.

Still reading? Then here’s how to start riding...


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