We make our sleds in five colors, each in two sizes.


The 4/4 and the 5/4.


The 4/4 is built for sledders 4'4" to 5'4" tall. It weighs 15 pounds.


The 5/4 is built for sledders 5'4" tall and up. It weighs 22 pounds.


However, each sled can be adjusted to three different positions.


When it stands upright, a sled should be about as tall as your chin, and your knees should just clear the back of the bodyboard when riding.


Since it takes sufficient upper body strength to safely control the steering, we strongly recommend sledders be at least 10 years old.


We also recommend that sledders be at least as wise as 10-year-olds when flying down a hill.


The suggested retail price of the 4/4 is $389.


The suggested retail price of the 5/4 is $439.


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