The chances are, on most hills, on most days, most sledders can temper their speed just by turning uphill.

Or dragging their feet.


But if you're one of the lucky few who have access to a steep, groomed slope (aka "a ski hill")...you definitely will need sled brakes.


If you ask our attorney, she'll tell you we shouldn't call these "Brakes." She wants us to call them "Slows."


You see, the problem is the snow itself. It's a fickle surface of an unpredictable substance. And the best that even professional skiers and boarders can hope for is a rapid deceleration, ending in a controlled stop...snow, ice, or slush willing.


For sledders, there wasn't any hope.


So the sledheads, here at Captain Avalanche, worked on the problem by laying down on the job, head first.


We developed the first foot-activated braking device able to help sledders conquer slopes that were, until now, just too steep.


(In fact, by decelerating sleds, we think it'll help propel sledding into a fast-growing sport. And that's why we have a patent pending on it!)


We make one size of sled brake, designed to fit most boots.


If your sturdy snow boot, snowboard boot, or ski boot is between 3.5" - 6" wide and 10" - 14" long, it should fit.


$59.95 pair (+ $7.65 S&H)

(Washington residents only, 8% sales tax)

Although our brake patent is pending, our patent attorney isn't.

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Captain Avalanche Industries, Inc. Seattle, WA 2003.

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