Considered the patron saint of sledding,

"Captain Avalanche" is the nickname of

Hans Montafon.


Actually born on a sledge (the traditional Tyrolean sled) in a remote Austrian hamlet when his mother didn't arrive at the doctor's cottage in time, Hans was raised under the frozen shadow of the Alps.


From an early age, he used a simple sled to go everywhere. To school, to nearby villages, to visit his uncle.


When he was still a boy, his parents skied to town leaving Hans and his young sister at home for the day. Suddenly, their peaceful afternoon was shattered by a loud crack and the ominous sound of a thundering avalanche roaring down the slopes. Without a second to spare, he grabbed his sled and sister and together sped to safety, moments before the snowpack would have buried them.


From that day forward, everyone called him "Captain Avalanche."


And, to honor his memory, we dedicate our company and its products.

Want to know more about our company?




We've had the good fortune to meet many open-minded and visionary "ski" area managers who allowed us to test our sleds on their hills.


In fact, there might not have been a Captain Avalanche sled without their brave support.


Although few slopes in America currently embrace sledding (including the ones we've been on) it's only a matter of time. And a matter of you speaking up.


Don't be shy...(remind them that 20 years ago snowboarding wasn't permitted on any hill!)...but don't be rude. If we keep knocking, one day they'll open the door.




An Avalanche Of Thanks To:

Big Mountain, MT

Summit At Snoqualmie, WA

Mt. Hood, OR

Mt. Baker, WA

Mammoth, CA

Northstar At Tahoe, CA

Mt. Brighton, MI

Bittersweet, MI

Pine Knob, MI

Muskegon Winter Sports Complex, MI

Schruns, Austria

Ischgl, Austria

Serfaus, Austria

Biberweir, Austria

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